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Mental and emotional wellness retreats

Exclusive, private, one guest only retreats

If you're tired of feeling off and it's beginning to impact your life negatively, then we're here to facilitate you to a whole new level of mental and emotional wellness.


Feeling good is something many aspire to, yet often have difficulty attaining. Natural Attitudes has a proven methodology that allows you to access genuine feelings of wellness and harmony from within. The emPower method will also evoke your unique mindset that fosters your clarity, inner guidance and insights that are perfect in serving you in various situations.

Our aim is always to return you to the world feeling happy, content and at peace as well as eager and inspired to live your life again. This experience at Natural Attitudes leaves you more confident in being able to continue accessing your inner feel-good-for-real state upon your return home, through the emPower method. Challenges, a natural part of life, will continue to arise, however, now you will be much better equipped to deal with these. Regardless of the scenarios, this tool can be used repetitively to return you to your center.

The mental + emotional wellness retreat is suitable for:

  • Need to rescue, fix or save others
  • Being over-responsible for others - exhausted from caring too much
  • Being hard on yourself - feeling not good enough
  • Many negative thoughts daily
  • A sense that you don't deserve certain things or to have certain experiences
  • Depression, hopelessness, stuck in a rut
  • Fear, anxiety and phobias
  • Addictions
  • Lack of purpose / no meaning in life / low-motivation / ground hog day / apathy
  • Frequent resentment and blame
  • Neglect and unloving behaviours
  • Disatisfaction with life / relationships / work or dislike of your body
  • A strong desire to take charge of your life in a new, healthy way and want the tools to do it

Within your one-on-one private retreat journey, you'll be supported all the way with love, guidance and expert knowledge appplied intuitively to you and your unique situation.

The emPower method you will experience during your Natural Attitudes retreat, has been continually refined over the last decade in order to bring you the deepest, most effective and real results. Once you experience its efficacy, you'll understand how simple it can be to feel better, when you know how it works. It does take practice, yet the results speak for themselves; over the years we've had to condense the programmes to a shorter time-frame due to many clients' rapid shifts and resultant desire to go home early, eager to enjoy their new lease on life.

We have pared back the process to the core essentials for fully realizing your empowerment, joy, happiness and ease whilst maximizing the use of our resources and your time and money. As stated repeatedly by clients themselves, years of counselling or psychology sessions haven't yielded the results they experience at a fraction of the time with our powerful yet easy to use tools. Coupled with the loving presence and skill of your facilitator, these combined aspects, for so many clients, have instigated a life-changing experience at Natural Attitudes emPower retreat.

No matter where you are in your life right now, we know its possible for anyone to step onto the path of joy and happiness and begin walking toward exactly where you want to be. We'll show you how to be the master of your emotions and the creator of the outcomes you'd like to experience.

By the end of your retreat, you will be fully equipped to continue loving yourself more whilst understanding yourself in a clear, more positive way. Book your mental and emotional wellness retreat today to ensure a better life moving forward.


Mental + Emotional Wellness Retreat Inclusions:

Retreats >>> 3 days - 2 nights 2 days - 1 night
Price $3400 $2400
1 on 1 emPower session 6 (minimum 6 hrs total) 5 (minimum 5 hrs total)
emBody session
Massage / bodywork/ energywork
2 1
Intuitive Movement session
Qi gong / yoga
2 1
Natural Attitudes Meditation 2 1
Follow up emPower sessions 1 (valued at $400) 1 (valued at $400)
Take-home emPower method + other tools
Lifetime benefitLifetime benefit
Spa and sauna
private + use anytimeprivate + use anytime
vegetarian, organic, gourmet, living foods
private 2 room eco-cabin: bedroom and living room + ensuite and extensive deck
Fully facilitated 1-on-1 by your practitioner/s. No groups.
Retreat Type
Private, exclusive health retreat - Sole guest in residence.


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Natural Attitudes emPower Retreat

because a great attitude brings good health and happiness, naturally